How do we fix this !!!!!

What are we doing? It seems to be that us as a whole we are losing our grip on life.
The Government has fallen short in their job performance  and the media tends to make things even worse, by nit-picking .

Let me start by saying I do not Hate any one race of people. But I do hate what we have become. We all have the right to think how we want as long as we do not act or take away others rights. What happened in Charlottesville, VA was very tragic  and  was an act from a coward and was terroristic.  My thoughts and Prayers go out to the Heather Heyer family.

We can not blame everyone in that group for the actions of one, Lets look at all the facts.

  1. KKK was there, Yes they have rights as you and I like them or not.
  2. BLM was there, also  have same rights as KKK like it or not

How many drivers were in the car that destroyed lives ? Answer is ONE !!!!

Now That’s out and said. Lets face the facts. It always takes two to fight no matter what color we are, this is a hard cold fact. War it takes two, so without dragging this on and on as media outlets have lets put the blame where the blame is due and that would be all of us……What if I were there and I was standing on both sides of both groups then I would be at fault according to Media and others cause I was there. So that does not mean I agree with what that sick excuse for a human did, to take others lives and rights from them.

What I am saying is very basic. Lets do the right thing by others always, let others have their beliefs and their freedoms as long as there is not acts that hurt others. This is what land of the free means!!! You and I have the right to  think and like or not like whomever we want, but in the same breath  no matter how much we dislike something or someone do it with respect……and protect everyone’s rights as they are your own.

Lets not forget who we are and how we are so much alike.. And do not forget her.






Comtastic ? not so much




Wow, Comcast is not that comtastic to me and my family. You may be asking why?  The fact is we live about .5 of a mile away from the last drop. Two years ago, we were old when we moved in we would be getting internet service in about three months to our location. So, we call about a year into living here and was told it would be $33,000 to get service (can you say what, repeat please) So we let it be.

Them we started getting flyers saying we can sign up. So, we went to sign up another tech came out and the sales rep had me sign all the documents and then ….

We are told now it will be $64,000 dollars’ wow in a year it went double man I wish I could do that with my money. So, the Rep I was sealing with said that don’t sound right and she would keep working on the issues. Guess what never heard from her after that.  I mean we are good folks and were willing to sign up 5 years or more if needed. We pay our bills and SAT internet is no good for working out of the home SO I am asking you and everyone to put some kind of post about this company trying to rob hard working people when all they asking for is good service and stop misleading people (Comcast make this right please welling to dig my own line for you to hook this up you have this location to be service only by you)


Sometimes we lose who we are . You wake up on day unable to feel or relate , Confused  about what you want and need. Unsure if your life has been real ? Or have you been just playing a game as in just doing as you think others like you to be. Do you do your job cause you enjoy it ? Are you with someone just cause everyone feels or see’s the two are a good pair. Do you have to get that car or new purse cause  it makes or defines you. Do you act a certain way around one group of people and another way around others ?

We all get there at some point in our lives where we might question almost everything  we do and why we do it. We all need to walk away from Items and peoples opinions of us and really get to know ourselves and love ourselves.   We all need to work at being 100% us and real or you are just cheating yourself out of the finer things in life.

Some might read this and say nah noway, ok keep fooling yourself as i did for so long and still do sometimes but a least I can admit it 🙂