Downward Spiral

This world we live in is headed down fast. Look around for just one good long minute.

Tell me what you see? People Texting instead of talking , Children Being disrespectful, not outside playing but glued to gaming systems, phones that cost more them most family’s average paychecks.

People killing one another for the hell of it or trying to get their name in the headlines. So whom is to blame? All of us are!! We let each other down with judgements of another, yes we may care about some of the people around us .But do we take the time to help out others and show kindness to be brothers and sisters that are around us. Yes we are all connected in some way or form.

Let me put this out there. We have so many people that don’t get meals every day, but we are willing to donate and send money overseas to feed people. I was looking online at a wholesale pallet company that sells self pulls by truckload for 5-6 thousand dollars. Why don’t a group of people help buy one truckload and take it to local foodbanks?

Another example of this is I out up a fund me site to start a company for Veterans that have a hard enough time getting work when they are disabled or no skills. Posted this on my twitter page and Facebook 300 some folks look but don’t even take the time to send .25 to a dollar what the hell these man a women put their lives out there for us?  

So take a moment and pass this along and really think what you might be able to do for others when there is a need.

Donate To our cause


Open the door .

Open the door  to your soul , let others see you for you and bare all , Stop hiding ! Share the Dreams of yourself , share how you truly feel , share your love and share your fears. Stop worrying what others may like or dislike about you. The most important one in your life is yourself .

If you keep wearing a fake face , you will never fine out what true happiness is. To often we get tied up in others thought’s and opinions  of ourselves and let us drive us to be what we are surely not. Be you and show some respect for yourself  before you get lost beyond help. Stop playing the game Now!  Through out my life I have made it a goal to just set there and watch others and watch how they interact with others alot of the times they try hard to be themselves but alot of times they hide and bend their behaviors to suite the other people around them.

I also do this but I am now realizing this is a bad thing and we need to free ourselves from this kind of behavior Lets do this together , lets free whom we have been all along . Dream , share , show how strong we really are by not letting others mold us into what they need us or want us to be. Go back to my 1st post about control and read.

You can email me , send a letter in the mail let it all out we all can heal we just need to take the right steps.


You might find “if you really look hard enough” true beauty that is in everyone not just the SEXY man or women . But the inner being “Soul” Looks are not the meaning of beauty even though Media outlets like to make it that way.

Beauty in it’s true sense comes from the inside and then works it’s way to the surface. We as a race need to get over  of what I call the “LOOK EFFECT” Yes I know you can only be attractive to SEXY people  . I say tough luck bud you might be missing out on the most Wonderful soulful Friendship or relationship you could ever have. So I say too everyone out there look into the mirror and really look long and hard are you BEAUTIFUL INSIDE or do you have the “Look Effect” only ?