How do we fix this !!!!!

What are we doing? It seems to be that us as a whole we are losing our grip on life.
The Government has fallen short in their job performance  and the media tends to make things even worse, by nit-picking .

Let me start by saying I do not Hate any one race of people. But I do hate what we have become. We all have the right to think how we want as long as we do not act or take away others rights. What happened in Charlottesville, VA was very tragic  and  was an act from a coward and was terroristic.  My thoughts and Prayers go out to the Heather Heyer family.

We can not blame everyone in that group for the actions of one, Lets look at all the facts.

  1. KKK was there, Yes they have rights as you and I like them or not.
  2. BLM was there, also  have same rights as KKK like it or not

How many drivers were in the car that destroyed lives ? Answer is ONE !!!!

Now That’s out and said. Lets face the facts. It always takes two to fight no matter what color we are, this is a hard cold fact. War it takes two, so without dragging this on and on as media outlets have lets put the blame where the blame is due and that would be all of us……What if I were there and I was standing on both sides of both groups then I would be at fault according to Media and others cause I was there. So that does not mean I agree with what that sick excuse for a human did, to take others lives and rights from them.

What I am saying is very basic. Lets do the right thing by others always, let others have their beliefs and their freedoms as long as there is not acts that hurt others. This is what land of the free means!!! You and I have the right to  think and like or not like whomever we want, but in the same breath  no matter how much we dislike something or someone do it with respect……and protect everyone’s rights as they are your own.

Lets not forget who we are and how we are so much alike.. And do not forget her.






Buy now ? Or Wait and be happier ?

Feel like a child in  a candy store ? Well that’s me, when it comes to new tech items (I want that and that ) I am sure my wife thinks that every time I tell her about the latest up and coming technology that is on the way in .

There’s one thing I do know and will give advice on. Do not waste your time money or energy on new items that just hit the market , you may be asking yourself why and I am also a impulse buyer, also gotta have the most advanced tech out there before everyone gets it before me. The main reason i say this  kinks are in the hardware and software still , you much better waiting a 6 month wait to a year when a new gadget hits the floor for consumers .

Also people buy to resell on Ebay and Amazon  right off the bat and this will drive the market cost up. Lets take VR for and spin , if you look on Ebay and HTC Vive 


 You will see the new price is above what HTC is selling it for. But click used , and you see a lot of used ones already for sell, same thing with Oculus Rift.  The main reason for this, it is still a 1st gen not all issues are worked out, so just wait for the next release and we all will be much more satisfied .

The same goes for the PlayStation VR already sold out most to Ebay and Amazon Re sellers and the cost will be a much higher price so save some of that cash and wait it out. It will not kill you but it may feel like it . I know we all have tech withdraws.





Fast Food @Slow Pace




Fast food at a slow pace

So here it is, I do truly love the big M’s coffee every day most days, alarm is buzzing your back is hurting you slowly roll out of bed rub your eyes and toss your legs to the floor. And wait don’t forget to not try and pull your back out lol this is the dam thing about getting old.

 You know the rest jump in shower and so on. You get in your car and start out for work and as you do every day you pull into the drive thru. Well as many times as they see you in a week you would figure they would know you by face and car plus same order you have been giving them for two years every day.

One large coffee (or whatever it is you might get) so you go to window #2 and pay then you pull up too window #1, and the girl or guy looks at you and ask what did you have? Now what boggles my small brain here is how did the communication breakdown from five feet away or maybe if you were paying attention to your job and not horse playing with another employee or texting on your phone, you might just seem to be a more bit intelligent then you are acting.

 Okay you ask why am I saying this. In two years of going to the same place every day. They have got my order wrong about 30 times. Then on top of it handed me cups without making sure lid was on right so spilling coffee all over car and me (Yes hot as hell) but that’s what makes it taste good right. I drive 40 minutes to work so by that time not worth me going back.  

My loving wife has had the same issues and we have told their management about it. even told their main office. So my question and I already know the answer. Is all big M’s the same?  How many others have had the same experience?   Let me here some feedback good or bad. 

I was thinking to myself is this fast food or fast food at a very slow pace? And just maybe I am the one whom is in the rush.

Downward Spiral

This world we live in is headed down fast. Look around for just one good long minute.

Tell me what you see? People Texting instead of talking , Children Being disrespectful, not outside playing but glued to gaming systems, phones that cost more them most family’s average paychecks.

People killing one another for the hell of it or trying to get their name in the headlines. So whom is to blame? All of us are!! We let each other down with judgements of another, yes we may care about some of the people around us .But do we take the time to help out others and show kindness to be brothers and sisters that are around us. Yes we are all connected in some way or form.

Let me put this out there. We have so many people that don’t get meals every day, but we are willing to donate and send money overseas to feed people. I was looking online at a wholesale pallet company that sells self pulls by truckload for 5-6 thousand dollars. Why don’t a group of people help buy one truckload and take it to local foodbanks?

Another example of this is I out up a fund me site to start a company for Veterans that have a hard enough time getting work when they are disabled or no skills. Posted this on my twitter page and Facebook 300 some folks look but don’t even take the time to send .25 to a dollar what the hell these man a women put their lives out there for us?  

So take a moment and pass this along and really think what you might be able to do for others when there is a need.

Donate To our cause


“To banish imperfection is to destroy expression, to check exertion, to paralyze vitality.”

― John Ruskin, The Stones of Venice

“We are all wonderful, beautiful wrecks. That’s what connects us–that we’re all broken, all beautifully imperfect.”
― Emilio Estevez

“But those who seek only reassurance from life will never be more than tourists—seeing everything and trying to possess what can only be felt.
Beauty is the shadow of imperfection.”
― Simon Van Booy, Everything Beautiful Began After


We are not Perfect in any manner or form. Though some will fool themselves that they are. This is just a way to try and cover up their imperfections. Which make them unique in their own ways .

We all do it , we all strive for perfection of some sort or another.  Take the time and enjoy what you have. I am not saying it is a bad thing to strive for better things, What I am saying is don’t over do it or your lifetime will be just that. It will consume you to the point where all you do is work at getting the next best car , house, toy , whatever Take the time to enjoy what you do have and spend more time with the ones you have in your life.

The thing people hate to talk about the most is that we all die , we have no control over when where and how. So enjoy everything now not later, you might not be here later you just never  know this may be the last day for you or me and if that is the case what are you going to wish we had done while alive ?  Top on most list , spend  time with others , do something off the wall and fun, say something to someone  but never did. We all need to do this now not next week or in a few years. 

I am not saying cram everything into now and not work. I am saying take sometime everyday and do something no matter how small it is and enjoy yourself and others live for that moment not what the next day has to bring cause the next day might not come for some….