Not Ur Average Social Media

Tired of all the Facebook crap? You never know where your information or post will end up next. 2018 was proof of how they deal with your information and your family and friends.

Here are just a few to list Story 1, Story 2.  

So After you read those and feel like you are in for a change. Stop by where we ask you to monitor and take care of your own Community. Come and check out a site I have been working on.  We will not sell to advertising companies nor will we sell your information.

In Exchange, you can donate only if you want to help with server cost or shop our store ( Working on it )



Comtastic ? not so much




Wow, Comcast is not that comtastic to me and my family. You may be asking why?  The fact is we live about .5 of a mile away from the last drop. Two years ago, we were old when we moved in we would be getting internet service in about three months to our location. So, we call about a year into living here and was told it would be $33,000 to get service (can you say what, repeat please) So we let it be.

Them we started getting flyers saying we can sign up. So, we went to sign up another tech came out and the sales rep had me sign all the documents and then ….

We are told now it will be $64,000 dollars’ wow in a year it went double man I wish I could do that with my money. So, the Rep I was sealing with said that don’t sound right and she would keep working on the issues. Guess what never heard from her after that.  I mean we are good folks and were willing to sign up 5 years or more if needed. We pay our bills and SAT internet is no good for working out of the home SO I am asking you and everyone to put some kind of post about this company trying to rob hard working people when all they asking for is good service and stop misleading people (Comcast make this right please welling to dig my own line for you to hook this up you have this location to be service only by you)

Downward Spiral

This world we live in is headed down fast. Look around for just one good long minute.

Tell me what you see? People Texting instead of talking , Children Being disrespectful, not outside playing but glued to gaming systems, phones that cost more them most family’s average paychecks.

People killing one another for the hell of it or trying to get their name in the headlines. So whom is to blame? All of us are!! We let each other down with judgements of another, yes we may care about some of the people around us .But do we take the time to help out others and show kindness to be brothers and sisters that are around us. Yes we are all connected in some way or form.

Let me put this out there. We have so many people that don’t get meals every day, but we are willing to donate and send money overseas to feed people. I was looking online at a wholesale pallet company that sells self pulls by truckload for 5-6 thousand dollars. Why don’t a group of people help buy one truckload and take it to local foodbanks?

Another example of this is I out up a fund me site to start a company for Veterans that have a hard enough time getting work when they are disabled or no skills. Posted this on my twitter page and Facebook 300 some folks look but don’t even take the time to send .25 to a dollar what the hell these man a women put their lives out there for us?  

So take a moment and pass this along and really think what you might be able to do for others when there is a need.

Donate To our cause


I need handwritten Letters . I hate everything that has been taken away from the excitement of getting a real letter. The internet is a great fast way to get something across and to sell. But to really get a sense of others a letter is the best way.

So Folks surprise me  and yourself send a real letter (oh sorry if I am asking for the impossible today) no send a letter about whom you are what you enjoy from life and share something That I will address on this blog. Lets become Friends Write to : Jsherbaugh 131 Pinto Ln Trenton SC 29847  looking forward to it.

What has happen in the world today ?

what has happen in our world? What has happen to the ability to use your imagination? Do you recall the days of youth, when we would go outside to play and free our minds. Anything was possible in this time , even the thoughts of us being able to fly or the mud was a place wars could be fought under the big green great smelling pine and oak trees with those little green army guys:)

Days could pass while you lay under that tree and look into the big beautiful blue sky, point out all the shapes you see that the clouds would become in our minds. This is the place where all bad things did not come to light.

Today, from my point of view or from what I see around me, Children have lost their way with this. Instead they all want Phones or tablets, or rather sit inside on the phone texting or playing a video games. So the question is “What has happen?” Is it technology to blame? Or is it something more? 

Please Post your Thoughts……