Not Ur Average Social Media

Tired of all the Facebook crap? You never know where your information or post will end up next. 2018 was proof of how they deal with your information and your family and friends.

Here are just a few to list Story 1, Story 2.  

So After you read those and feel like you are in for a change. Stop by where we ask you to monitor and take care of your own Community. Come and check out a site I have been working on.  We will not sell to advertising companies nor will we sell your information.

In Exchange, you can donate only if you want to help with server cost or shop our store ( Working on it )




I need handwritten Letters . I hate everything that has been taken away from the excitement of getting a real letter. The internet is a great fast way to get something across and to sell. But to really get a sense of others a letter is the best way.

So Folks surprise me  and yourself send a real letter (oh sorry if I am asking for the impossible today) no send a letter about whom you are what you enjoy from life and share something That I will address on this blog. Lets become Friends Write to : Jsherbaugh 131 Pinto Ln Trenton SC 29847  looking forward to it.


You might find “if you really look hard enough” true beauty that is in everyone not just the SEXY man or women . But the inner being “Soul” Looks are not the meaning of beauty even though Media outlets like to make it that way.

Beauty in it’s true sense comes from the inside and then works it’s way to the surface. We as a race need to get over  of what I call the “LOOK EFFECT” Yes I know you can only be attractive to SEXY people  . I say tough luck bud you might be missing out on the most Wonderful soulful Friendship or relationship you could ever have. So I say too everyone out there look into the mirror and really look long and hard are you BEAUTIFUL INSIDE or do you have the “Look Effect” only ?


Why in the world would such a huge big company let someone list a Invisible friend ? . Plus why in the world would anyone pay 25.00 or more for this. Come on get out and meet others.

I mean myself I have a very hard time meeting others but even I will not fall for this one.