We are not Perfect in any manner or form. Though some will fool themselves that they are. This is just a way to try and cover up their imperfections. Which make them unique in their own ways .

We all do it , we all strive for perfection of some sort or another.  Take the time and enjoy what you have. I am not saying it is a bad thing to strive for better things, What I am saying is don’t over do it or your lifetime will be just that. It will consume you to the point where all you do is work at getting the next best car , house, toy , whatever Take the time to enjoy what you do have and spend more time with the ones you have in your life.

The thing people hate to talk about the most is that we all die , we have no control over when where and how. So enjoy everything now not later, you might not be here later you just never  know this may be the last day for you or me and if that is the case what are you going to wish we had done while alive ?  Top on most list , spend  time with others , do something off the wall and fun, say something to someone  but never did. We all need to do this now not next week or in a few years. 

I am not saying cram everything into now and not work. I am saying take sometime everyday and do something no matter how small it is and enjoy yourself and others live for that moment not what the next day has to bring cause the next day might not come for some….




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