New Year

In this New Year  make it a point to treat others better around you. No matter how nasty or mean they seem give them some leeway.  You ask why ? Well from my own experience I can be mean cranky  and sometimes just a plain ass at times. But we all have underlying cause’s for this something might had happen to trigger this behavior “I am not saying its alright for the mean one to be mean” I am saying being nice to someone even though they may act out in some way might give you a chance to find out why.

Let just keep all real and be nice and polite to one another, respect each others space and needs or at least give it some effort. My favorite thing to say is “A little Kindness will go a long way ”  We all have a sad story to tell , and some might be worst then mine or yours. But as a the human mind is our story is always the worst or situation that can be. Get over it (I am dealing with this myself ) So yes I have the right to say this. But the point is someone somewhere has  a lot more damage then we do.

So be nice , Do Active listing and read between the lines. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE TO ALL 🙂



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