What has happen in the world today ?

what has happen in our world? What has happen to the ability to use your imagination? Do you recall the days of youth, when we would go outside to play and free our minds. Anything was possible in this time , even the thoughts of us being able to fly or the mud was a place wars could be fought under the big green great smelling pine and oak trees with those little green army guys:)

Days could pass while you lay under that tree and look into the big beautiful blue sky, point out all the shapes you see that the clouds would become in our minds. This is the place where all bad things did not come to light.

Today, from my point of view or from what I see around me, Children have lost their way with this. Instead they all want Phones or tablets, or rather sit inside on the phone texting or playing a video games. So the question is “What has happen?” Is it technology to blame? Or is it something more? 

Please Post your Thoughts……


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