Tell me something ! Tell me why we limit our minds , Emotions and such. Why is the human race so set on control ? Even when the control has no effect on somethings .

We as a species try to control every aspect of life  and events some are just dumb. The sooner we realize this the sooner I believe we might evolve more then the state in which we currently are at.

Lets just take a look at the hateful side of others . WHY is all I must say. Why do you really hate and try to destroy others ? I tell you the best way to get back at bullies and haters is to treat them with such a kindness that they have never known, this is the most sure way to get to them. And maybe just maybe they will begin to understand  that no matter how mean they get or hateful they might be , is the fact someone will  polite and just smile. 🙂


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