Put yourself in their Shoes




Try and put yourself in others shoes, just for a moment in their time. Sometimes we see others that seem to be going against all the social norms. We cannot judge them as we do not understand or know where their behaviors might be coming from, so instead of judgment try for a split moment to take the time and understand them, reach out to them.

By no means am I condoning people whom are breaking the law and doing terrible things. I am talking about people whom seem just off social wise, Depressed or withdrawn or just way different in what you think they should be. Open yourself up to others and let them share something with you, and you them. 

You never know what you might find and what new friendship my bloom. Word of the wise never pass another off because you view them as being different. Step away from Facebook just for a moment and do one great thing today help another feel as they are worth your time and effort. I do know there are many out there that already do this on a daily basis, now let’s get the rest of us doing it also.


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