Keep That Spark

Just think how amazing it is that we are here. All the detail that went into the process to create me and you. Think about all the good times and the hard times we all go through, though some may have it worse we all go through massive stuff.

 Think about that 1st friendship and that first hug, take a moment and let that feeling wash over you. Look in the mirror and know you love yourself so you are able to love and understand others.
 You must be your biggest fan , and keep that spark of life alive in yourself as a result it will spread to others and sometimes it will be a beacon of light Drawing other positive people towards you.

Just Remember a few things today , We all make mistakes some bigger and some smaller the thing is to grow beyond those mistakes. I know better then anyone that it is hard to do sometimes but never never never Give up because all those failures will grow into success one day.


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